Tips For Understanding And Fixing Stuck Window Blinds

Window blinds make it easy for you to protect your home’s privacy without having to sacrifice the benefits of natural light. Unfortunately, some blinds also come with cord mechanisms that can bind and pinch in the gear system. This will keep your blinds from lowering properly. Understanding how those cords work and what steps you should take to fix them when they’re stuck will help you keep them working at their best.

Tips For Choosing Energy Efficient Windows

If you’re going to invest in new replacement windows, you might as well buy the most energy efficient windows you can afford. By doing so, you’ll reduce your energy bills and increase the value of your home. This helps you get a good return on your investment. Choosing the right windows can be tricky. It helps to understand a little about how windows are made, and how their construction affects energy efficiency.

Pros And Cons Of Double-Hung Replacement Windows

When shopping for a replacement window, several factors can come into play, including the frame type and how many panes of glass the window has. But the starting point is deciding what type of window you would like to install, as you are often not restricted to the same type of window that’s being taken out. One of the most popular and common types of windows is the double-hung, which features two sashes that are stacked vertically.

Tilt-In Windows: Q&A

If you are planning to replace the windows in your home, there are multiple options from which to choose. However, one popular choice is the tilt-in window. Here are a few questions and answers about tilt-in windows to help familiarize you with their benefits: What are tilt-in windows? Tilt-in windows are windows that tilt inward to encourage draft-free ventilation.  This is especially important for people who prefer fresh outdoor air.

Windows Loose In Their Frames? Consider These Solutions

If your windows seem loose in their frames, you’ll want to address this problem rather than ignore it. Not only do loose windows let in drafts and increase your energy bills during winter, but they are also at an increased risk of breaking if they accidentally get hit or tapped. Having the loose window panes replaced is an obvious option, but it’s not the only one. Replacing The Window Panes

Thinking Of Painting Your New Vinyl Windows? Set Yourself Up For Success!

One of the biggest advantages to installing vinyl windows is that they don’t require heavy amounts of maintenance to look great. On the aesthetic side of things, however, you might find that you want to paint the frames to help them fit in with your own color schemes better. If you do this the wrong way, then you run the risk of creating an eyesore where your beautiful windows used to be.

How To Repair Window Casing

Most windows, no matter what material the frame is made out of, have wooden casing around the frame. The casing around the window is actually more than just a decorative element. If your casing is cracked or unsealed, it could reduce the insulation of the fixture. The casing covers the gap between the building frame and the mounted window. This article will explain how to repair window casing with a few basic supplies.

Three Considerations For Getting A Commercial Garage Door

If you want to be sure that your work place is safe, you will need to install quality commercial garage doors that are durable, safe and built for the long haul. To that end, there are a number of steps and pieces of information that you can keep in mind to help you out. Follow this guide to commercial garage doors – then touch base with professionals who can further assist you.

Too Sunny Outside? 2 Ways To Bring Some Shade Into Your Yard

Sitting outside in the sun is nice, but at times it is nice to sit and relax in a shady area and be shielded from the sun’s harsh rays. Fortunately, you can bring some shade into your yard. There are ways you can do this on your own, and others you will need to hire a contractor for. Read on below to learn about two different options you have. Shade Sail

Why Vinyl Storm Windows Are Ideal For Commercial Buildings

Vinyl is one of the most popular materials for commercial Andersen windows. Most buyers are attracted to vinyl because it requires such little upkeep. Vinyl windows are so strong and durable that they are commonly used on storm windows. Many people think that storm windows are only necessary in regions that are subject to several storms and weather phenomena like hurricanes and tornadoes. However, even property owners who live in temperate climates can enjoy the many benefits of vinyl storm windows.

How To Replace Broken Glass In Jalousie Windows

If you live in an older home, it likely has jalousie windows, or louver windows. Jalousie window resemble glass shutters that operate with a crank pushing the window out instead of up as with traditional windows. Jalousie windows were common in homes in warmer climates until the mid-20th century, but got less popular as more efficient windows came into existence. Though the glass is thick in these windows, it still can chip and break.

5 Stylish Ideas For Window Placement

It’s time to replace your windows. Perhaps the panes are crumbling or buckling. Perhaps you’ve decided to upgrade to energy efficient styles to save on utility costs. Whatever the reason, your house is getting a new set of windows. Since you’re changing things up anyway, consider some stylish ideas for making over your home as you replace the windows. Bay Bump Out Adding a set of bay windows not only highlights the view outside, it provides an easy way to create extra space inside.

Cleaning And Maintaining Your Home's New Painted Plantation Shutters

The wide slats that are used in plantation-style shutters makes them a popular choice for matching many different types of interior design styles. Plantation shutters that are painted with a high-gloss white paint will make your windows pop and will bring a fresh look into your home. In addition, with some simple cleaning, your painted wood shutters will look wonderful for years to come. Follow this easy procedure to keep your new plantation shutters looking new and fresh:

How To Replace A Single Pane Of Glass In A Metal-Framed Window

Anything from a flying baseball to a confused bird can wreak havoc on your windows. If a single pane of glass gets broken in your metal-framed window, you should fix it right away not only for appearance’s sake, but for safety sake as well. The good news is you don’t have to replace the whole window. Here are some tips on replacing a single broken glass pane in metal-framed windows.

What You Should Know About Protecting Your Home With Impact Windows

If you plan to install new windows in your home, you should think about getting impact windows for greater security. These windows are ideal if you live in an area prone to hurricanes or tornadoes. They are also suitable for increasing home security if you want to make it more difficult for someone to break in your house. They are called impact or impact-resistant windows because they can withstand the impact of wind driven debris being hurled against the glass.