How To Replace Broken Glass In Jalousie Windows

If you live in an older home, it likely has jalousie windows, or louver windows. Jalousie window resemble glass shutters that operate with a crank pushing the window out instead of up as with traditional windows. Jalousie windows were common in homes in warmer climates until the mid-20th century, but got less popular as more efficient windows came into existence.

Though the glass is thick in these windows, it still can chip and break. Here are some tips to replace the glass in jalousie windows.

Make Preparations

You will need:

  • screwdriver
  • work gloves
  • mallet
  • masking tape
  • broom
  • paper bag
  • replacement window seal
  • window seal glue
  • replacement glass.

Rope off the area if needed to keep someone from cutting themselves. Since jalousie window glass is thick, it will likely need to be custom-ordered. Sweep all of the broken pieces from the floor, discarding them in the paper bag. Tap any broken pieces left in the frame with the mallet while wearing your gloves, and discard the pieces in the bag.

Remove the Glass from the Frame

If the glass is cracked or chipped, make an "X" with the masking tape to keep it from breaking further as you remove it from the frame. Glass in jalousie windows is secured by either a setscrew system or metal tab system.

For jalousie window glass secured with setscrews, keep one hand firmly on the glass, loosen the screws with the screwdriver, and carefully remove the glass. You may prefer to get a helper to assist you in removing glass from a setscrew system. Store the screws in a safe place to use for the replacement glass.

For jalousie windows secured with a metal tab, remove the window screen so you have access to the window from the inside. Crank the window until it is halfway open, grasp each side of the glass with each hand, and slide the glass from both panels at the same time. Never remove glass on metal tab systems from the outside, because it could damage the tabs.

Insert the New Glass

Clean dirt or corrosion from the metal casings, and remove damaged window seals before you insert the glass. For setscrew systems, set the glass inside the casings, then replace the screws. For metal tab systems, slide the glass in the casings, lining it up with the slots. Glue a new seal in place, and reinsert the window screen.

Your jalousie window should look as good as new without replacing the whole window. Working with glass requires using caution. If you don't trust yourself handling glass or you have multiple broken panels, contact a window glass replacement service such as Mr Go-Glass.