Tilt-In Windows: Q&A

If you are planning to replace the windows in your home, there are multiple options from which to choose. However, one popular choice is the tilt-in window. Here are a few questions and answers about tilt-in windows to help familiarize you with their benefits:

What are tilt-in windows?

Tilt-in windows are windows that tilt inward to encourage draft-free ventilation.  This is especially important for people who prefer fresh outdoor air.

Do tilt-in windows pose a security risk when open?

Although tilt-in windows encourage airflow, they are secure and difficult to enter from the outside.. The tilt can be set at different angles or degrees depending on preference. In addition, the bottom portion of a tilt-in window locks, blocking entry from the window's base. The slit-like angle of entry space that presents when the window is open is too small for typical entry. Thus, these windows are well suited for the bottom and top levels of your home.

How do tilt-in windows help with the climate of a room?

In addition to permitting the entry of fresh air, tilt-in windows encourage heat to exit through the top of the window. Still, cool air flows freely into the room from the sides. 

These windows also discourage rain from entering through the windows when they are in an open position, so the windows can be tilted regardless of the weather.

Are tilt-in windows energy-efficient?

Like other modern windows. tilt-in windows are usually well insulated and energy-efficient. The design of the windows allows them to fit flushly with your walls to discourage drafts and leaks.  

Do most tilt-in windows offer a clear view?

Tilt-in windows often have a picture window view. They are typically not latticed, so there is no obstruction to your line of sight. In addition, the clean lines of the window match a modern decor.

Are there multiple options available for tilt-in windows?

Tilt-in windows are available with the tilt as the primary feature. However, there are also tilt-in windows with additional options, such as turn capabilities. Tilt and turn windows can swing inward like a hinged door.

Other features, such as tint and double panes are also available.

Some people prefer tilt-in windows because the tilt makes it easy to clean both sides of the windows without having to go outside. However, the efficiency and safety of these windows is also important. If you are interested in replacing your current windows with tilt-in windows, contact a company like Gallagher Bros. Inc.