Windows Loose In Their Frames? Consider These Solutions

If your windows seem loose in their frames, you'll want to address this problem rather than ignore it. Not only do loose windows let in drafts and increase your energy bills during winter, but they are also at an increased risk of breaking if they accidentally get hit or tapped. Having the loose window panes replaced is an obvious option, but it's not the only one.

Replacing The Window Panes

If you have the money in your budget to do so, consider having the window panes replaced. If need be, you can address just the loose panes right now, and then have the others replaced to match down the road. A window installation company should be able to come out and measure your windows to determine what glass is needed, and then return a few days later to put the new panes in place.

Keep in mind that replacing just the panes is not possible with some types of modern windows. If you have modern, double-hung windows, for instance, you may be better off just replacing the whole window (frame included) rather than paying someone to carefully replace just the glass.

Caulking in The Window Panes

If you're on a tight budget, this is a good temporary solution. Purchase a package of rope caulk at your local hardware store, and press it into the crease between the window and the frame. This should hold the panes in place so they are less prone to breakage, as well as block the flow of cold air. The rope caulk may harden and begin to chip away after a year or so, and you'll want to replace it at this time.

Covering the Windows With Plastic

If you have windows with multiple panes and they all seem to be loose, caulking them all in can be extremely time consuming. An alternative solution is to purchase some plastic sheeting for your windows. Made specifically for this purpose, it features stickiness on one side, and you can simply stick it to the window frame. It will keep the cold air out, and will offer a little protection from things hitting the window from the inside, since it is pulled taut and will repel little objects that hit it.

Loose window panes are more than an annoyance; they're a liability. If your panes are loose, either have them replaced as soon as possible, or apply caulk or plastic in the meantime. For more informaiton, talk to a professional like Distinctive Siding & Window.