Too Sunny Outside? 2 Ways To Bring Some Shade Into Your Yard

Sitting outside in the sun is nice, but at times it is nice to sit and relax in a shady area and be shielded from the sun's harsh rays. Fortunately, you can bring some shade into your yard. There are ways you can do this on your own, and others you will need to hire a contractor for. Read on below to learn about two different options you have.

Shade Sail

A shade sail is a structural awning that is used to cover a patio, porch, or pool area, and protects you from the sin, rain, and wind. You can make a shade sail yourself, if you prefer. In most cases, a shade sail awning is triangular, but you will sometimes find it quadrilateral. The fabric used is generally canvas, as it is durable and holds up well to outdoor temperatures.

If you want to save money and live near a coast, go to a sail maker in your area and ask if they have any junk or used sails they will sell to you. Sails work well because they are study and waterproof.


Awnings act like a roof to put cover over a patio or a deck. There are many types of awnings you can choose from, including the following:


A fix awning is permanently attached to the structure you are covering, such as your deck or patio. You can find them in various shapes, such as straight slope, dome, convex, and concave. They are generally made of canvas, but you can also find them made of metal.


You can fold or roll up a retractable awning that you can operate manually, or there are some that are motorized that you open and close with a remote control. A retractable awning works well if you would like to have both sun and shade.


Freestanding awnings can be moved, as they are not attached to anything. This type of awning has legs that are usually sunk into the ground. They can also be supported by two freestanding bases. Fabric is placed over the frame. You can find these awnings in different sizes, such as room sized for shade over a deck, patio, or porch, or something smaller to place over a garden or in a sitting area that is away from your house. A freestanding awning can tilt from front to back so you can move it easily when the position of the sun changes.

Visit a contractor to learn more about these awnings so you can make the best informed decision on what will work well for you.

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