5 Stylish Ideas For Window Placement

It's time to replace your windows. Perhaps the panes are crumbling or buckling. Perhaps you've decided to upgrade to energy efficient styles to save on utility costs. Whatever the reason, your house is getting a new set of windows. Since you're changing things up anyway, consider some stylish ideas for making over your home as you replace the windows.

Bay Bump Out

Adding a set of bay windows not only highlights the view outside, it provides an easy way to create extra space inside. Bump outs with bay windows provide a comfortable space for a breakfast nook, window seat or sitting area. When considering placement, think about which room could both benefit from extra space and overlooks a pleasing vista.

Kitchen Transom

There's never enough light in the kitchen. If you have tall ceilings, Better Homes and Gardens suggests remedying the light situation with transom windows. Also known as a fanlight, a transom window is one set above a door or larger window. Aim for symmetry in the placement by ensuring the transom window is the exact same width as the window or door below. To make the increased light more ambient, install semi-opaque shades over the larger windows.

Bathroom Overlook

Bathroom windows are sometimes tiny affairs that protect privacy but restrict light. An alternative to this is to open up the bathroom with a picture window overlooking the yard or garden. Your privacy is secured with a window film that allows you to look out without others seeing in. Such a picture window is especially attractive coupled with a soaking tub or luxurious walk-in shower.

Entryway Frame

The entryway is literally the gateway to your home and has the potential to make a lasting impression on visitors. Window placement in this area should be carefully considered, then. Think about framing your doorway with attractive windows. For example, a set of multi-paned glass panels open up the exterior and add light to the interior. If you'd like to add a touch of elegance to the entryway, consider a semi-circular transom above the door. This gives the entryway the classical look of an arched opening.

Window Wall

Why not just go all out and have a window wall installed? A wall of windows highlights beautiful views and floods your home with light. As an added bonus, such a bank of glass adds drama to your house's style. For a contemporary home, a modern style of large glass panes framed in metal complements the design. More traditional homes benefit from wood or wood-look window frames with multiple panes.

As you replace your house windows, get creative in the placement to give your home an easy makeover.