Three Considerations For Getting A Commercial Garage Door

If you want to be sure that your work place is safe, you will need to install quality commercial garage doors that are durable, safe and built for the long haul. To that end, there are a number of steps and pieces of information that you can keep in mind to help you out. Follow this guide to commercial garage doors -- then touch base with professionals who can further assist you. 

Tip #1: Consider The Practical Benefits Of Commercial Garage Doors

Installing a commercial grade garage door in your business makes deliveries and stocking inventory much easier. This also allows you to load and unload inventory much quicker and with a lesser risk of injury, since items won't be carried by your crew across great distances. It pays to hire a high quality contractor to design and install a door that is the best fit for your particular property and company. 

Tip #2: Decide On The Type Of Commercial Garage Door That Is Best Suited For Your Business

So you're ready to shop for the commercial garage door that you need. First, you will need to take inventory of your business to decide which type of door will be most practical. The three major door types are sectional, rolling and sheet. Each of these three door types have their benefits and deficiencies. Sectional doors are easy to operate, due to the tight hinges and guided track, they have an overall excellent appearance and they are the most energy efficient doors around. However, sectional doors are a bit more pricey, both initially and in ongoing maintenance. Rolling doors are very low maintenance and durable, but a bit more cumbersome and susceptible to imbalance. Sheet doors are the most price efficient, but are susceptible to imbalance, and not designed to take on forces greater than 25 pounds.

Tip #3: Know The Costs Of Commercial Garage Doors

Be sure when you are shopping for garage doors, that you consider the price implications. For a 16 x 7 steel commercial door, your price range will be between $750 and $1200. You must also account for extras like insulation and weather stripping, in addition to the cost of labor from garage door contractors. Seek at least five estimates before deciding upon the garage door contractor that you would like to handle your repair.

Follow these tips and call up a garage door contractor today to learn more.