How To Repair Window Casing

Most windows, no matter what material the frame is made out of, have wooden casing around the frame. The casing around the window is actually more than just a decorative element. If your casing is cracked or unsealed, it could reduce the insulation of the fixture. The casing covers the gap between the building frame and the mounted window. This article will explain how to repair window casing with a few basic supplies.

The Importance of Window Casing

Most window frames are built to standard size regulations, and then the pre-fabricated fixtures are installed. So, if the house frame or window is off by just a 1/2" here or there, it could create gaps where air can seeps into the home. In severe cases it could lead to a loose window fixture. When casing is properly installed over a window fixture, it further secures the fixture. It serves as a stabilizer when it is nailed to the house frame and the window frame.

Inspecting and Repairing Loose Casing

First, inspect your casing to make sure it is sealed with a strong caulk line on every side. If the caulk has holes or is separating from the wall, you will need to apply new caulk. For a strong, long-lasting caulk line, you will need to scrape away the old caulk. This is simple if you just cut it away with a utility knife, then use a painter's knife to scrape away the excess.

Re-Nail the Casing

When nailing the casing, you need to use a pneumatic air gun. If you don't own a nail gun/air compressor system, you can rent a kit very easily. Adding nails every 6" to both edges will ensure that it is securely attached to both the wall and the window frame. You will need to cover the nail holes with wood putty and then repaint the casing. It is much easier to just paint the entire casing at once instead of just painting over the patched nail holes. This might be a good time to paint your casing a new color and give your interior a whole new style.

Securely attached casing can reinforce your window, making it stronger and even quieter. The best part of this simple renovation is that it can make your home more energy efficient. You can enjoy the money-saving benefit of being less dependent on your heating and air conditioning appliances. Contact a company like Nu-Vue Products for more information.