Thinking Of Painting Your New Vinyl Windows? Set Yourself Up For Success!

One of the biggest advantages to installing vinyl windows is that they don't require heavy amounts of maintenance to look great. On the aesthetic side of things, however, you might find that you want to paint the frames to help them fit in with your own color schemes better. If you do this the wrong way, then you run the risk of creating an eyesore where your beautiful windows used to be.

Prepare and Then Prepare Some More

You can make a lot of mistakes when you paint your vinyl windows, but skipping any of the preparatory steps should never be one of them. If there are any screens on the window, make sure that you remove them. Right before painting, you need to clean the window to remove any oils or grease. Use warm water with a small amount of dish soap. Use a microfiber cloth to dry the window thoroughly, and then use a hair dryer to blow any dust or other debris out of the window frame area. Although it's tempting to clean all the windows at once, you're better off cleaning each window right before you paint it. Tape off the glass with painter's tape to protect the glass from the paint and make cleanup easier.

Definitely Use Primer

There are a lot of different paint options out there designed to make your life easier and many of them have a built-in primer. Don't fall into that trap when it comes to your vinyl windows, though. The primer is going to help the paint adhere to the vinyl, and it's important that you don't shortchange that step. Apply a thin coat of primer and wait for it to dry completely before you move on to the actual painting step.

Choose Wisely When It Comes to Paint

Double check that the paint that you plan to use is designed to be used on vinyl. If it isn't, then you'll run the risk of chipping and peeling far sooner than you want. Apply thin, even coats, and let the paint dry in between. After the paint dries, carefully remove the painter's tape and clean up any paint that ended up where it shouldn't have gone.

If you haven't made the switch yet to vinyl windows, or you need to replace your old, worn out windows, then contact an expert, like those at Beissel Window & Siding, today. They can make sure that you get just the right windows for your home.