Window Treatments For Your Contemporary Home Redesign

Does your home décor renovation include a new-to-you modern style? Along with furniture, flooring, and wall coverings, take a look at what you need to know about contemporary custom window treatments and your interior project. Treatment Type What type of window treatment should you choose for your contemporary room? There are a variety of options to select from. These include both hard and soft options. Hard interior alternatives, such as louvered shutters, provide plenty of privacy and plenty of aesthetic interest.

The Basics Of Full-Frame Window Replacement

When it comes to replacing windows in your home, you have a few options. You can either replace just the glass in the window, called an insert replacement, or you can do a full-frame window replacement. Full-frame replacement windows is a more involved process than an insert replacement. The Glass Is Removed The first thing the window technicians will do is remove the glass. The glass is big and heavy and needs to be removed before all the other work on the window can begin.

How To Help Your Contractor Streamline The Window Installation Process

Having the windows on your home replaced is a pretty big step. Chances are, if you are busy with a job and family obligations, you do not want to spend the next three weeks making plans with contractors, rushing home to check on the project, and dealing with window openings that do not yet have new glass in them. Luckily, most reliable home window replacement companies are capable of finishing a home within two or three days — but you, as the homeowner, will need to help streamline their process by taking the following actions.

Three Solutions For Windows That Leak Air And Water In The Winter

When closed, your windows are meant to let in sunlight, but keep air and water outside where they belong. As windows age, however, they sometimes start developing cracks and gaps between the windows and the sashes, which can lead to air and water leaks. Ultimately, you will probably want to have leaky windows replaced, but this can be expensive. In the meantime, here are a few ways to “fix” leaky windows and protect your home from moisture and drafts.