Window Treatments For Your Contemporary Home Redesign

Does your home décor renovation include a new-to-you modern style? Along with furniture, flooring, and wall coverings, take a look at what you need to know about contemporary custom window treatments and your interior project.

Treatment Type

What type of window treatment should you choose for your contemporary room? There are a variety of options to select from. These include both hard and soft options. Hard interior alternatives, such as louvered shutters, provide plenty of privacy and plenty of aesthetic interest.

If you prefer a soft or fabric option, cellular shades offer a honeycomb style with a modern flair. Pleated blinds can create a look that's similar to the honeycomb of a cellular shade. These also offer a clean, fresh choice that matches well with a contemporary type of décor.

Plain panels provide another option that works well in a modern space. Like other shades, these panels also create a clean look. Unlike bold or patterned flowing drapes, these treatments won't distract or draw focus away from furniture or other visually interesting aspects of the room.

Even though some curtains or drapes can pull focus or create a more traditional look, they don't have to. With the right color and texture, curtains can add to the contemporary feel. Read on for more information on how to use color choice and textures to modernize your décor.

Color Choice

While contemporary interior style can include almost any color palette, when your modern look borders on the minimalist or industrial themes, a neutral hue is the way to go. Avoid intricate patterns, flowery fabrics, or bright colors. Instead, opt for a solid shade of gray, tan, white/cream, or taupe.

If your contemporary room features a dark color scheme, consider a black, rich brown, navy blue, or deep gray option. In some cases, a simple pop of color added to an overall dark palette can complement the contemporary style you want. Use color with caution and avoid mixing too many hues or overpowering the overall room design.

Texture Options

Like color, texture can also add to the sleek style of your contemporary creation. A heavy texture or thick fabric may look out of place in a minimalist room. But a thinner shade, a sheer panel or curtain, or a lighter-weight fabric can add to an industrial aesthetic.

Custom window treatments can help you to create a contemporary style. From the type of treatment you choose to the color and texture of the fabric or material, your window coverings can modernize your home. Visit a company like New Vista Window Fashions to get started.