The Basics Of Full-Frame Window Replacement

When it comes to replacing windows in your home, you have a few options. You can either replace just the glass in the window, called an insert replacement, or you can do a full-frame window replacement. Full-frame replacement windows is a more involved process than an insert replacement.

The Glass Is Removed

The first thing the window technicians will do is remove the glass. The glass is big and heavy and needs to be removed before all the other work on the window can begin.

The Window Frame Is Removed

Second, the entire window frame and sash is removed. The window contractors will pull the entire frame from your home and remove it. The window will be stripped down all the way to the rough opening. The rough opening is what the window area would have looked like before a window was installed in that space.

Identify Any Potential Issues

By stripping the window down to the rough opening, your contractor will be able to identify potential hidden issues that one would not have seen if the frame was left in tack. For example, issues such as rotting wood, insect infestation, water intrusion and a lack of insulation would all be hidden by the frame. By removing the frame and exposing the rough opening, your contractor will be able to identify and address any potentially harmful issues.

For example, if the wood is rotten, they can remove and replace the wood around the rough opening. If there is an insect infestation, they can help treat the infestation before applying a new window. If there is water intrusion, they can make sure they remedy that issue with the new frame. If there is a lack of insulation, they can make sure more insulation is added before the new frame is put in place.

The Structure Around the Window Is Improved

If there are not any issues to fix, the contractors will improve the structure around the window. They will seal around the opening to make sure no water or bugs can get in, and add adequate insulation.

The New Window Is Installed

Once the structure around the window is in place, they will then install the new window frame and the new window. As they install the new window frame and glass, they will make sure that there is proper insulation around the window, as well as a water management system to deal with any water that gets around the window. They will seal up around the window to ensure that there is no draft around the window. 

Finally, they will clean up the mess they made, and leave you with a beautiful new window to enjoy that isn't hiding any other structural issues.