How To Help Your Contractor Streamline The Window Installation Process

Having the windows on your home replaced is a pretty big step. Chances are, if you are busy with a job and family obligations, you do not want to spend the next three weeks making plans with contractors, rushing home to check on the project, and dealing with window openings that do not yet have new glass in them. Luckily, most reliable home window replacement companies are capable of finishing a home within two or three days — but you, as the homeowner, will need to help streamline their process by taking the following actions. 

1. Make all of the decisions ahead of time.

There will be a number of decisions you need to make regarding window replacement. You'll need to choose the colors, hardware, whether you want to change window styles, and so forth. Make sure that all of these decisions are made before the window replacement company starts working. This way, they won't have to stop work and wait for your response to their questions -- or to wait for a piece of hardware they just ordered to be delivered.

2. Be available.

When your window replacement company is working, make sure you are available via call or text throughout the day. This way, if the window replacement technicians have a question — such as whether you want a certain window moved a few inches to the left — they can get an answer from you immediately and keep on working.

3. Clear furniture away from the windows. 

In order to replace the windows, your window replacement team will need plenty of space to move around and use equipment in front of the windows. You can make this easier for them and save them time by moving all furniture back at least three feet from the windows. Also remove all drapes and other window treatments to get them out of the way.

4. Make sure the exterior is accessible.

Your window replacement technicians will also need space to work outside. (The most efficient way to replace a window is to have one person work inside and the other work outside -- but this only works if both people have room.) Trim back the bushes, move any vehicles that you typically park near the building, and ask your neighbors to do the same.

Having your windows replaced does not have to be a week or month-long endeavor as long as you prepare properly.