Low-E Window Glass: Pyrolytic Versus MSVD

Low-E glass is a new form of glass that contains special coatings which reduce the amount of both infrared and ultraviolet light that can pass through a window. By limiting such types of light, Low-E glass represents an incredible upgrade in terms of energy efficiency. If you would like to learn more about the different varieties of Low-E glass, read on. This article will discuss the difference between pyrolytic and MSVD production methods.

Suggestions For Choosing Replacement Windows For Your Cabin In The Woods

If you’re planning to renovate a cabin in the woods so you’ll have a place for weekend getaways, you’ll probably want to replace the windows with more energy efficient versions. You’ll also want the windows to be durable and require little maintenance in the years to come. Here are some suggestions for choosing the ideal replacement windows for your cabin. Consider Aluminum Clad Wood Frames Aluminum clad wood frames are a good match for cabins because they give your place the traditional appearance of wood on the inside, but the outside has a protective layer of aluminum.