Suggestions For Choosing Replacement Windows For Your Cabin In The Woods

If you're planning to renovate a cabin in the woods so you'll have a place for weekend getaways, you'll probably want to replace the windows with more energy efficient versions. You'll also want the windows to be durable and require little maintenance in the years to come. Here are some suggestions for choosing the ideal replacement windows for your cabin.

Consider Aluminum Clad Wood Frames

Aluminum clad wood frames are a good match for cabins because they give your place the traditional appearance of wood on the inside, but the outside has a protective layer of aluminum. These windows are made with wood on the side that faces indoors and metal on the exterior side. The metal is available in different colors, which is a plus if you want to match the color to your metal roof or add a touch of color to accent the cabin's wood exterior.

The biggest advantage to having these windows is that they require much less maintenance than full wood frames. The exterior metal surface won't rot or attract insects. Plus, the metal is sturdy and can't be clawed or gnawed through by wildlife in the woods. This means you'll need to make fewer repairs to the frames over the years. About all you'll have to do is hose them off to get rid of spider webs, dirt, and debris.

Consider Your Options In Glass

One of the benefits of having a cabin in the woods is the beautiful view you have from your windows. However, you want the windows to be as secure as possible when you are away. While it is difficult to make your windows 100% burglar proof, there are some things you can do to make the glass difficult to break. You could choose glass that is impact resistant or you could have security film applied to the glass. Another option is to buy windows made of acrylic that is transparent like glass but much stronger. You don't only have to worry about intruders breaking into the windows. If the cabin is surrounded by trees, a storm could knock a branch into the glass and break it if you don't have security glass. Animals may even bang against the glass trying to get inside the cabin. For these reasons, you want glass that resists breaking, or glass that can't be knocked out of the frame even if it cracks.

Another consideration when it comes to glass is energy efficiency. You can save on power bills for the cabin if you buy windows that are insulated with double pane glass. Proper insulation is important if you want to spend cozy winter weekends in the cabin when it is surrounded by snow-covered woods. One last thing to consider about the glass you have for your new windows is tinting. Tinting adds privacy so you don't have to worry about hunters or hikers seeing inside. You'll still be able to admire the view on the outside, but your windows will have a dark film that keeps out prying eyes. Applying film also helps with your energy bills. You can have the glass covered in clear or dark film to block heat transfer so the heat from your fireplace or furnace stays inside the cabin to keep you nice and warm.

By choosing the right replacement windows for your cabin, you'll have windows that complement the cabin's appearance from the outside while offering enhanced security, freedom from maintenance, and lower power bills.

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