Different Types Of Window Shades And Their Benefits

Decorating your living space is a physical expression of yourself. Whether you are moving into a new place or simply want to spruce up your current residence, changing your environment can help you feel at ease and more at home. Windows are sometimes underutilized in home design, and a good shade can go a long way to tie your style into your space. Here are some ways shades can benefit you with style and functionality. 

Choosing the Right Shades For You 

For many people, blind slates are the first type of window covers that come to mind. They are sturdy, adjustable, and simple to use. These wooden and plastic slates come in many natural wood and white hue options, but they don't always give much personality to a room.

Window shades provide decorative possibilities to elevate your space, as well as give privacy and varying natural light levels. They are made with cloth, which not only allows for more creativity in their designs but also can aid in sound absorption from outside noise. 

When looking into the different styles of window shades, keep in mind what shapes, colors, and patterns you enjoy. Consider how much natural light you like or if you frequently change the indoor lighting. With different rooms, you may need different sizes of shades depending on what windows and doors you have. So get measuring, and decide what ambiance is best for your needs. 

Roller Shades

For a simplistic and durable window treatment, install roller shades. These shades work by using a pulley system, commonly with a cord, to roll the shades up and down. Roller shades mainly come in solid colors, although decorative paint and hangings, such as tassels, can be used to add pizzazz. They come in an assortment of fabric options, from bamboo to cotton to burlap. 

Blocking out light is a breeze with roller shades. They can be hands-free and easily adjusted to increase privacy or to reach your perfect level of light in any room. These shades can fit small and large window options and are great for a classic look. 

Cellular Shades

One type of designer shade is cellular shades. This type of shade is unique because it can roll from the bottom up and the top down, giving a pleated look. They have no visible cords but operate on strings inside the fabric, so you can achieve a simple design and avoid getting tangled up in cords. With cellular shades, they are not only customizable in their positioning, but also in their color and material. 

Roman Shades

If you are decorating with a more luxurious vibe in mind, then Roman shades are for you. Roman shades are one continuous piece of fabric that hangs down flat, but when pulled up, creates horizontally draped pleats, adding elegance to your home. One benefit of Roman shades is the wide selection of fabric types, patterns, and colors available. To block out more light, choose a heavier fabric. Roman shades work well in a multitude of design styles, plus they are moderately priced, helping you enrich rooms without breaking the bank. 

When looking for home designer shades, consider these types. They each have their own pros and cons, so carefully consider your needs before committing to one.