Three Things You Didn't Know Cellular Shades Could Do

Many people love cellular window shades because of the unique features that they offer. They are thin, cordless, energy efficient, and allow various forms of light filtration. However, there are some features of cellular shades that you may not be aware of. Here are some of the more unique features of cellular shades. 


The cordless design of cellular shades helps create a clean look in your home. However, the lack of a cord can also be a hindrance at times. You may have windows that are high off the ground, located behind furniture, or simply too tall for some people in your home to operate manually. Thankfully, there are motorized shades available.

You can control your window shades with the push of a button, which allows you to easily operate the window shade when you were not able to in the past. In addition, it's a great option for elderly people or those that are disabled, and wouldn't be able to pull the cellular window shades up or down on their own.

Split Shade Design

Do you have a very wide window in your home, and you don't like the idea of using a very wide cellular shade that stretches across all of it? It is possible to have a custom-made cellular shade that is split down the middle while using a single bar across the top. This helps eliminate any gaps that allow natural light in or allows people to see through the shade and gives you more control over how much light you won't let into a room. It's a more elegant solution than using two separate window shades that require their own mounting brackets.

Hybrid Shades

Are you unable to decide on what kind of light filtration you want in your home? You may love blackout shades in the bedroom at night, but want some natural light during the day. You may have a media room where you want to block out the light when watching a movie, but still enjoy natural light and privacy other times.

The solution to this is a hybrid shade that contains two levels of light filtration. Thanks to the thin profile of cellular shades, you can fit two sets of fabric onto the shade that are stacked on top of each other, and control each one independently. You can make the bottom half blackout material and the top half have light filtration, giving you the best of both materials.

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