Avoid Damage To Your Venetian Blinds By Considering Your Dog

Protecting your window blinds can be a challenge as a dog owner, but you can significantly extend their lifespan by being considerate in your initial purchase. When replacing the blinds at home, there's a lot to consider that will affect how long your window blinds last with a dog at home. 

Before deciding on the blinds to install, the following tips can reduce any damages and how well they hold up. 

Stick With Cordless Designs

Similar to a home with children, cords can be a danger to your dog when they're hanging from your window blinds. Luckily, modern blinds can be an excellent option for making your home safer for your dog since they can open and close manually. Without cords that your dog could get caught on, it should be much easier to control the blinds without endangering your dog.

Along with cords that can be manually controlled, you could consider electric blinds that are controlled via voice control, a remote, or a smartphone app. 

Choose the Right Color

As you prepare to choose blinds for your home, you need to see your options for colors. It can surprise you to choose blinds that are light in color and easy to match with your home decor, only to find that they become filthy from your dog. 

Darker colored blinds, even a medium beige, can hide a lot of mess your dog can make. Instead of worrying that your dog will leave marks on the blinds from their paws or even by licking, the right color will reduce the chance of it being apparent. 

Prioritize Durable Materials

Before you commit to particular blinds for your windows, you need to understand your options regarding materials. Wood, plastic, and vinyl blinds can all function relatively the same but can be enormously different in how long they last when you consider your dog. 

Since it's likely your dog will jump up to the windowsill to look outside at people, other dogs, and cars, you'll need to choose blinds that won't be significantly damaged. Avoiding cheap plastic blinds can ensure that they stay in better condition and have a timeless appearance that you'll enjoy for years.

The challenge of maintaining the blinds at home can mean extra work when you have a dog. Instead of worrying over the damage to your blinds from your dog, the above tips can help you consider all your options and make an informed decision over what will be the ideal investment in a pet-friendly home.