The Advantages Of Installing Interior And Exterior Wood Shutters

Wood plantation shutters are common features on the exterior walls of houses, and some homeowners like these products for interior window treatments as well. High-quality shutters on the outside of buildings last for many years, as long as they are maintained adequately. Inside, shutters as window treatments can be an appealing alternative to blinds and roll-up shades.


Outside, homeowners should wipe away dirt and cobwebs occasionally with a soft brush, cloth, or broom. Bug and bird debris, as well as more stubborn grime, can be washed off with water and a bit of dish soap. Rinsing can be completed with a garden hose. Eventually, the wood shutters need staining or painting to prevent deterioration caused by weather elements. 

Interior shutters are easily cleaned with an extension pole duster or a dust cloth. If this is not done regularly, the slats might need to be wiped down with a damp cloth to remove the accumulation of dust.

Functions of Exterior Shutters

Exterior shutters mainly function as decorative features, except in hurricane regions. There, homeowners usually want impact-resistant products to close over windows as the storm approaches.

Both standard and hurricane shutters enhance the home's aesthetics, making the windows look less ordinary. Many colors and styles are available to create a pleasing complementary effect.

Functions of Interior Shutters

Beautification and Light Blocking

Inside, these window treatments beautify the home more than shades and blinds typically can accomplish. Household residents open the panels or the louvers to let natural light in and close them to block light.

Blocking Heat and Drafts

Homeowners may want to choose products that are effective at reducing heat from sunshine. This is particularly useful for windows facing west and south.

The household residents also will appreciate these features on cold days if the home has older windows that do not completely stop drafts. Windows usually are the home component most susceptible to heat loss on cold days. The rooms feel more comfortable with the shutters closed, and there is a positive effect on the utility bill.


Another purpose of closing the interior shutters is to prevent anyone from seeing in at night. When the glass isn't covered, it's easy for a person in the darkness outside to have a full view of a well-lit interior. Privacy also can be achieved at any time of day in a room that faces a street. 

People who appreciate the advantages of wood shutters for interior and exterior use may contact a supplier of these home improvement features at the earliest convenience.