4 Ways to Choose a Replacement Front Door Style

Choosing a replacement door for your home can be a bigger undertaking than you might expect. First, you have to decide on a budget and the ideal material (such as wood or metal versus fiberglass). Then you have to look for a product that has great security features and finally decide what style you're going for.

Here are some ways to choose a replacement front door style once you've narrowed down some of the other possibilities.

1. Choose a basic style you can decorate later

If you love to redecorate with the turn of every season, you'll want to start from a fairly basic door so you can layer decorations on top. A door that has large, flat panels and a neutral color will give you plenty of room for your creativity to run wild with harvest decor, wintertime, and holiday-themed wreaths, and more. You'll likely want a solid door or one with a simple, regularly shaped window.

2. Match with your house exterior

If your home's exterior has a specific unified style or theme, you'll want to look for a door that fits in well and doesn't clash with any of the major styles or themes visible here. For example, a Victorian-style house will need an appropriately elegant door to fit in well with the theme. You'll want to choose something in a color that goes with the rest of the house, too.

3. Spice things up with a whimsical door 

A door can make a great accent area where you can concentrate all the personality you want your home's exterior to display. Instead of repainting your entire home in your favorite color, simply use a brightly colored door for a pop of color. You can also choose something with a quirky-shaped window or even a stained-glass door to express your personality. A uniquely shaped door (such as a circular door) could also be an option, although installation may be more complicated.

4. Go with what works

It's not the fanciest idea, but if your previous door worked well, you don't need to choose a whole new style. After all, maybe your previous door failed unexpectedly and you don't have a lot of time to spend choosing a replacement style. In this case, you could just go for a door that looks similar to its predecessor. A contractor who specializes in replacement doors can help you find something similar in style and appearance to the previous one and has all the security features you'll need to keep your family safe.

These ideas can help you to choose a style for your front door based on your personal priorities, curb appeal considerations, and similar criteria. Contact local contractors to learn more.