Two Things To Know About Impact Windows

Considering impact windows for your home but not sure if it is worth it? Here are two things that you should know about this special type of window.

Why Impact Windows Are Necessary

It's important to know why impact windows are necessary if you live in any area that is prone to hurricanes. During a large hurricane, it is very likely that there will be a ton of debris that travels through the air and comes in contact with your windows. Your windows are one of the weakest points of your home during a hurricane and can be the reason that major damage is caused to your home.

It is not just broken windows you are trying to prevent by getting impact windows. If debris does bust the windows, it can cause the inside of your home to be pressurized and actually cause the roof to blow off your home as a result. Having impact windows could be the difference that helps save the structure of your home.

How Impact Windows Are Tested

There are three tests that are used to test impact windows to ensure that they are capable of standing up to hurricane damage. The goal is to see if the window will be as able to withstand damage as a wall is.

Impact Test

An impact test is done by launching debris at the window at high speeds to see how they react. This is typically done by launching a 2x4 board at a speed that simulates the speed that debris will fly through the air. The goal is to verify that the window can withstand multiple impacts and not cause the glass to shatter. The glass will definitely be damaged and need to be replaced, but it will not completely break and cause winds to come through your home.

Wind Test

A wind test is done to expose the window to bursts of air to see how it reacts. The bursts of air will be similar to hurricane speeds and will be done repeatedly on windows that are intact and those that have gone through the impact test. 

Water Test

Similar to the wind test, impact windows will be tested by spraying high-powered water at the window to see if any damage is done. The water test is also performed on intact windows, those that have gone through impact testing and those that are cracked. A good impact window will not allow water to get through in either setup. 

To learn more, contact an impact window supplier.