Four Reasons To Choose A Bay Window Over A Picture Window

If you want to bring more light into your home while also expanding your view of the outdoors, then you basically have two style choices for replacement windows: a bay window or a picture window. Each has its pros and cons, and there are definitely homeowners who are happy with their picture windows. However, if you can afford to pay the slightly higher cost of a bay window, this is typically the better choice. Here's why.

1. Bay windows allow for ventilation.

Picture windows are basically big, fixed windows. There's no feasible or safe way to open a single window that large, so they are designed not to open. Bay windows, on the other hand, are sets of 3, 4, or 5 individual windows, placed next to one another at an angle. Each window is individually operational and opens up for ventilation. You will enjoy being able to let in some fresh air on spring days, or being able to ventilate the room after the house has been closed up for a while.

2. Bay windows let in light from several directions.

A picture window is flat. It lets light shine in from one direction. Since a bay window is angled outward from your home and each panel is set at a somewhat different angle, it captures light from several directions. This means your house stays more brightly illuminated throughout a greater portion of the day. You can rely less on your light fixtures, which helps reduce your electricity costs.

3. Repairing bay windows is less costly.

If something happens to your picture window, you have to replace the entire, large panel of glass. This can get quite expensive. If the bay window breaks, on the other hand, chances are good that only one panel of the window will be broken. It's cheaper to replace this one smaller panel of glass. (Doing so is also easier for your contractor, so your labor cost may be lower!)

4. Bay windows add more character.

The character of a picture window really only lies in what you can see through the window. With a bay window, however, the window design itself has more interest. There's the wood or other material between the panels, the outward angle of the floor beneath the windows, and so forth. People will often stop and admire a bay window on its own, whereas they only spend time looking through a picture window.