What Blinds Are Best When You Have Kids?

You have kids in the home but you want nice window treatments that can allow you to control when you have light in the house and when you want privacy. Blinds are a great solution to give your windows an upgrade, but you're worried your kids will destroy them.

What blinds are best when you have kids in the home? Use this guide to assist you.


Aluminum blinds are among the cheapest blind options and are available in a variety of styles and colors. These types of blinds can withstand mild abuse but will get bent, torn, or otherwise damaged if your kids pull on them, separate the blinds incorrectly to look outside, or play with them.

However, since these blinds are cost-effective, they are easily replaced as needed if your children do wear them out with time.


If you want blinds that are durable and attractive, then vinyl blinds are a wise option for your home. Vinyl blinds are hard to bend and are also relatively weather resistant, although they will warp or fade eventually under the sun's constant heat.

Vinyl blinds are not easily bent and manipulated, making them ideal for a window treatment when you have kids in the home. To protect your children and your blinds, keep all blind cords tied up high so little curious hands don't pull on them.


Wood blinds are classically beautiful and add a streamlined appeal to your home. Wood blinds are available in a variety of finishes and colors (they can be stained or left alone as well for natural appeal). Wood blinds vary in price depending on the type of wood you choose, although walnut, maple, and other hardwoods are commonly used in home construction, including blind installations.

When choosing wooden blinds for the home, pay attention to slat width: the wider the slats, the more durable your blinds can be.


Vertical blinds are best for larger windows in the home, such as dining room or living room windows. Each blind section is attached at the top to a little hook, making the blinds easy to put back where they were in the event they are pulled down. Vertical blinds are usually made of flexible vinyl so you don't have to worry about them getting torn, bent, or destroyed around your kids.

There are many color varieties and styles of blinds to consider for your home. Speak to a blind specialist to choose the best blinds for your home.