Making Small Rooms Look Bigger In Your Apartment

Interior designers have a number of ways to create a space that looks larger that it actually is. You can make your apartment feel more spacious using the same techniques. Here are four projects you can do to open up that space in your small apartment.

Use Neutral Colors to Create Depth

Bright colors cause the eyes to stop in the room. Earth tones, such as light tan and gray, allow the eyes to flow through the room to the other side. This gives a feeling of depth to a small room. Paint the walls a warm earth tone color. The furniture should only be a shade different than the walls and ceiling for continuity. If you want to include bright accents in the room, place them as far from the doorway as possible to draw the eyes across the room to them.

Use Furniture to Guide the Eyes

A cluster of furniture in the center of the room draws the eyes to it, making the room feel smaller. Move the furniture so there is an obvious path through the room. Buy throw rugs with lines on them that you can align with the path. The eyes will follow the lines through the room making it feel larger.

Tall furniture makes the ceiling appear lower. Place shorter furniture in the room to give the appearance of a higher ceiling. Also avoid tall wall hangings that make the ceiling feel lower.

Use Accents to Open Up the Room

Floor to ceiling window treatments on small windows make a room look taller. Use long drapes with vertical lines to create the illusion of height in the room, or add plantation shutters that span the height of the window. If you use blinds, install vertical blinds to create the feeling of a higher ceiling.

Place horizontal wall hangings and pictures on the walls to guide the eyes through the room. If you have a tall picture or piece of art that you'd like to display, place it on the wall opposite the doorway and shine a halogen spotlight on it. The eyes will immediately be drawn to that wall and make the room feel longer.

You can also use tall floor lamps and plants to give the room height. Anything that draws the eyes from the floor up to the ceiling will make the room feel taller.

Use Light and Reflection to Create the Feeling of Space

The more light there is in a room, the larger it feels. In a room with windows, place mirrors on both sides of a window or on a wall opposite a window to reflect light into the room. Keep shutters and blinds partially open during the day. Use light-colored draperies that let light in when closed for security.

Silver picture frames, glass top tables and curio cabinets all reflect light in a room and let the eyes pass through them. This increases the feeling of a larger open space.

In interior rooms with no windows, use halogen spotlights to brighten dark corners. Highlight art work and wall hangings with lights to brighten the space. Always use full-spectrum bulbs to create the feeling of natural light in rooms that do not have windows.

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