Things To Know About A Damaged Glass Sliding Door

Are you thinking about replacing your glass sliding door because you have to struggle to open and close it? There are a few things that can lead to a glass sliding door not opening and closing as smoothly as it should, including simply becoming old from normal wear and tear. Find out in this article about some of the things that should be considered when trying to decide if you should get a new glass sliding door installed.

Damaged Tracks

It is possible that the tracks are the reason your glass sliding door is so hard to open and close. The first thing that you should do is make sure that nothing is sitting in the tracks and creating a blockage. You might want to wet a cloth with water and a household detergent product to clean the tracks as well. An accumulation of dirt can cause sliding problems, especially if you have had the door for numerous years without ever cleaning the tracks. A professional might be able to replace the tracks if they are damaged, which can help you save money by not having to replace the entire door.

Swollen Wood Around the Frame

When wood is exposed to water on a regular basis, it can become swollen. If the wood that the frame of your glass sliding door is installed in has become swollen, it might be affecting how smoothly the door is able to move. The swollen wood may have produced enough pressure to make the slide door lose its form. For instance, the tracks may have become bent due to the wood expanding towards them. In such a case, you can either get a new door installed that will properly fit, or you can simply get the swollen wood replaced.

Cracked Glass

If your door is hard to open and close, as well as has a large crack in the glass, replacement might be ideal because numerous parts might need repairs. You must also keep in mind that the large crack in the glass does not only take away from the appeal of your home, but can also interfere with energy efficiency by allow air to seep in and out. It is possible for a specialist to repair cracked panes in sliding doors, but it depends on how bad the damage is. If your glass sliding door is old, simply get in touch with a contractor, like Solar Shield Windows , to get a new one installed rather than paying for multiple repairs.