Productivity And The Office Environment

Keeping your employees happy takes more than a good salary and benefits, although those items certainly help. You need to create a productive and cheerful environment at your office or store in order for your employees to thrive. Very few people can do their best when they work in an unpleasant building. Fortunately, you can take several relatively simple steps to improve the mood and productivity of your workforce. 


Studies show that employees who work near a window feel healthier. In addition, they often exercise more and even sleep better. Researchers found that nurses who were exposed to natural light were more alert and better able to communicate. They also had lower blood pressure than their counterparts who only worked in artificial light. If you want happier and more productive workers, provide as much natural light as possible. Also, have your glass windows and doors professionally cleaned on a regular basis so as much light as possible can come into your building. Commercial window cleaning can save you a lot of time and hassle. 

Break Room

Create a real break room, one that is clean, roomy, and pleasant. In too many businesses, the break room is an afterthought and sometimes crammed into whatever corner is available. Do not furnish it with leftover, mismatched furniture. Instead, buy inexpensive new furniture or gently used furnishings and make sure the lighting is good in that room as well. Employees are legally entitled to regular breaks so that they can relax and regroup, but if they have no place to unwind, the benefit of these breaks is limited. Investing a little money to make an attractive break room is well worth it. 


OSHA has established guidelines for employee bathrooms, but you do not want to stick to the bare minimum. Pleasant and convenient bathrooms have a huge impact on employee morale. Sometimes, business owners focus so much on the needs of customers that they scrimp on employee needs. A dark, dirty, and too-small bathroom can turn an employee's mood sour in a matter of minutes. You do not have to make these rooms luxurious, but you should invest in modern, well-functioning fixtures and lighting. 

An employee's physical environment does impact their state of mind. A happy employee is a more productive employee and one who is less likely to look for another job. If your place of business is unattractive and oppressive, no one will want to hang around, including you. Make the time and money investment to provide your employees with natural light and excellent facilities. If you do, everyone involved will benefit.